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BAM Favourite Feeds of 2017

As it’s the last Friday of 2017, here’s a list of the Instagram accounts that have had me double tapping time and again, filling my feed with inspiration and colour. A collection of artists, makers and designers that make me want to get creating.

In no particular order…

Camille Walala
The 4 year old says her play space at NOW Gallery and inflatable installation at Broadgate were the best art we saw in 2017. And he’s not wrong.

The Jealous Curator
Turning jealousy into get-your-ass-back-in-the-studio inspiration‘. The strap line alone makes me happy!

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John Booth
Aces faces in different places.

Victoria Topping
Local artist whose musically inspired digital artworks have been delighting my eyeballs all year.

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Jon Burgerman
As well as putting out some amazing creative books this year, his Instagram stories are the best.

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Beth Hoeckel
My original collage crush, still nailing it in 2017.

David Shillinglaw
His piece under the M32 to compliment his exhibition at That Art Gallery was one of my favourite in Bristol this year.

Emma Scott-Child
From crafty wizardry to swoon worthy design work, this designer is constantly giving me ideas and making me laugh.

Victoria Villasana
If anyone wants to give me a load of cash so I can fill my house with artworks by this Mexican textile artist, that would be great. Thanks.

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Rachel Burke
If tinsel and pom poms are your thing, you’re welcome.

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Fred Butler
The account that made me realise that it’s ok to have a colourful Instagram feed.

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Naomi Vona
Italian artist making wonderful art using vintage photographs, Posca pens and washi tape. Fills my head with ideas every time they pop up on my feed.

Elizabeth Pawle
Brilliantly colourful embroidery work that makes you feel like you can give it a go too.

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Paul Insect
Love this artist’s work and I always end up watching the videos again and again on loop.

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Fuelling my font obsession and a good dose of colour thrown in for good measure.

Atelier Bingo
Colourful designs that I want to wrap my house in.

Danielle Clough
You’ll recognise her work from the now faded but still beautiful bird and flowers Upfest piece on Raleigh Road. Always blows me away.
(Also. Hands down best IG handle)

Ariel Adkins
Taking #dressedtomatch to a whole new level. The time and effort that must go into this feed is insane!

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Moustache toting street artist whose wonky work I love.

Morag Myerscough
Walala says that Myerscough was her big inspiration and you can see why. Beautiful artworks and installations all over the world.

Silken Favours
Still dreaming of owning all the silky goodness. And if it’s good enough for Noel on Bake Off…

Alex Lockwood
These colourful sculptures make me want to step our family junk modelling up a level to something a little less Blue Peter.

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Dave Towers
These videos are mesmerising. Can’t. Look. Away.

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Craig & Karl
Their Guess The Artist game is one of the best things I bought this year.

Marc David Spengler
Another artist making me want to pick up my pens and get creating.

Survival Techniques
Always end on a high. Fonts and colour and colour and fonts. What’s not to love?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I follow so many wonderful accounts it’s hard to keep up. Which are your favourites? Hit me up with some new ones for some 2018 inspiration!

💥 BAM 💥

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