BAM meets The Time Seekers

If any of you joined Alph, Betty and Gammo on their previous adventure through space, you’ll know that it was a wonderfully silly and lots of fun. You may have decided which planet to visit and helped find one of the glowing plasma orbs needed to fix the Bristol Space Station.

Next week, the gang are setting off on a new journey through time and they need adventurers like you to join them! We caught up with the three explorers to ask them some very important questions…

Hi Alph, Betty & Gammo! What have you been up to since we journeyed through space?
Hi there! Since our space adventure we’ve been learning all about TIME as we are busy working at Bristol Time Station. Our boss, Professor Professor, has just finished her latest invention… a time machine! It allows people to travel forwards and backwards through time! We are also planning for Gammo’s birthday which is tomorrow, he’s having a party and you’re all invited!

Yes! We love a party! Where are you going next and will you need any helpers?
We’ve just found out that the clock which keeps time moving forwards has broken and that the clock pieces have been scattered through time. They could be anywhere – in the past, present or future! We’re going to need the help of lots of brave Time Seekers to help us find where the clock pieces might be, otherwise time will stop and Gammo’s birthday will never happen! We can’t wait for the time adventure – maybe we’ll meet a dinosaur, visit Ancient Egypt or even hear what music sounds like in the future!

Sounds great! Will you be taking any snacks with you?
Alph loooooves food and always packs a big bag of snacks to take with him. He especially likes sandwiches!

Us too. Bristol Arts Monster would like to know who your art throbs are?
Lara Hawthorne, Harriet Lee-Merion, Laurie Stansfield, Hannah Broadway, Pirrip Press, and Lina Lofstrand – all wonderful women making beautiful artwork in Bristol!

They all sound ace! What are your favourite pieces of public art in Bristol?
Alph likes the big bear sculpture in the bear pit at the bottom of Stokes Croft – we hope we don’t bump into any of those on our adventures! Betty likes the big colourful rings outside the Children’s Hospital because they she wants to launch her space rocket through them! Gammo likes the bunnies outside The Little Shop, drawn by Alex Lucas

Thanks guys! Can’t wait to see you at Wardrobe Theatre!

The Time Seekers is at Wardrobe Theatre 29th May – 4th June with several shows per day. Tickets are £8 and under 3s are free. For more information on the show visit The Wardrobe Theatre website.

If The Star Seekers is anything to go by, it will be a show that you and your little legs will remember for a long time!

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