Image of Angie Belcher, founder of AfterMirth Comedy Club, onstage performing.

BAM Meets AfterMirth Comedy Club

A parent walks into a bar... Angie Belcher set up the AfterMirth Comedy Club in June 2018 so that new parents could enjoy some much needed laughs in those crazy baby days. Since then she's taken the south west by storm, popping up in venues across Bristol, as well as Clevedon, Gloucester, Stroud, Bridport and… Continue reading BAM Meets AfterMirth Comedy Club

Image of Kid Carpet

BAM meets Kid Carpet

There is nothing quite like a Kid Carpet show. Funny, inventive and wonderfully anarchic, they're a rare example of family theatre that the whole family can get a kick out of. We caught up with the Bristol legend as he prepares for his new show in a few week's time and found out some noisy… Continue reading BAM meets Kid Carpet


BAM meets Upfest

Sometimes it feels like Bristol welcomes another festival every weekend over the summer. Recently we've seen nature, music and BBQ all celebrated in true Bristol style. But in a few week's time Bristol's unique art scene will be in the spotlight at Upfest, Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival. For one weekend, Bedminster will… Continue reading BAM meets Upfest


BAM meets The Time Seekers

If any of you joined Alph, Betty and Gammo on their previous adventure through space, you'll know that it was a wonderfully silly and lots of fun. You may have decided which planet to visit and helped find one of the glowing plasma orbs needed to fix the Bristol Space Station. Next week, the gang… Continue reading BAM meets The Time Seekers