Creative Books for the Christmas List

November is here and that makes it semi-acceptable to start talking about Christmas! Over the next few weeks BAM is teaming up with the wonderful Let’s Make Art and their Gifts for Crafty Kids project to bring you Christmas present ideas for art lovers of all ages.

First up, here are 14 amazingly creative books that will keep your artistic juices flowing in 2018...

My Collection of Collections by Nina Chakrabarti
Laurence King, £12.99
This beautiful book is perfect for any little would be collector. Beautifully illustrated and endlessly inspiring, we especially like the page dedicated to the little stickers you find on fruit!

Make & Do by Beci Orpin
Hardie Grant Books, £20
Full of beautiful projects from one our Instagram favourites, we love the fact that the projects focus on raw materials like fabric, wood and paper as well as recycled objects. Great for teenagers and adults.

Spiroglyphics: Rock Heroes by Thomas Pavitte
Ilex Press, £6.99
This simple colouring-in book means that anyone can create a stunning picture of their favourite rock hero. Stuck this on the wish list as soon as we saw it! And if music isn’t your thing, there are other designs coming in 2018. Check out the video of how it works - you'll be hooked!

Let’s Make Some Great Art by Marion Deuchars
Laurence King, £12.95
Hard to choose just one of her brilliant books, but this one is packed full of wonderful, quick creative tasks that are lovely to do as family.

Vincent’s Starry Night: A Children’s History of Art
by Michael Bird

Laurence King, £19.95
This beautiful book is illustrated by Bristol based artist Kate Evans and is perfect for any little art lovers. A lovely gift for parents to explore with their kids too.

DIY Fashion Shoot Book by We Are Photogirls
Laurence King, £14.95
Our 14 year old selves are absolutely crying over this book! An amazing resource for any teenage fashionistas, the projects include make-up, styling, photography tips and more. Ideas for full day or quick 20-minute shoots will keep them busy while they dream of London Fashion Week.

Paper Monsters: Make Monster Collages! by Oscar Sabini
Thames & Hudson, £14.95
Tear, rip and stick to make your own monsters. This beautiful collage book also comes in a Paper Zoo edition, perfect for little monkeys.

The Book With A Hole by Hervé Tullet
Tate Publishing, £8.99
This one has us in endless giggles in the BAM house. One of those ones you can use again and again, it encourages you to be creative in a brilliantly silly way.

It’s Great to Create by Jon Burgerman
Chronicle Press, £10.99
No art experience necessary to be creative when you have this eye poppingly colourful book to help you! Again, this is another one that’s really fun to explore as a family, with over 100 silly and simple projects.

A Coloring Book: Drawings by Andy Warhol
Thames & Hudson, £8.95
Originally created as a Christmas present for the children of his advertising clients, this book will give deep artistic credibility to any child’s colouring in, obviously.

The Space Craft Book by Laura Minter & Tia Williams
GMC Publications Ltd, £5.99
Calling all space fans. Get your hands on 15 spacey projects including costumes, props and all important space snacks! A great one for even the least crafty of parents, as all the materials are easy to come across and the littlest of hands can help you out.

I Can Make Dolls' Clothes by Lousie Scott-Smith & Georgia Vaux
Thames & Hudson, £9.95
A great one for older kids, this is a nice introduction to sewing and clothes making. The book includes 9 patterns that will help you create a mix and match wardrobe for your favourite doll, whilst teaching you how to thread a needle, do a running stitch, sew on buttons and more.

A Day in Ricetown by Noodoll Studios
Thames & Hudson, £9.95
This book incorporates 6 paper puppets that you can move around, place in different scenes, draw around and play games with. There's also a chance to solve the puzzles, make some origami and colour the pictures.

Think and Make Like an Artist by Claudia Boldt & Eleanor Meredith
Thames & Hudson, £12.95
Last but not least, this one has everything covered, from painting and costume design, to photography and sculpture. The projects suit all ages and allow you to go off on tangents, which is always a good thing! There's also a lovely emphasis on creating together, making it one of our very favourite creative books.

And if the mere thought of Christmas brings you out in sweats, fret not. When it comes to present ideas, we'll have you covered!

Cover photo taken from Jon Burgerman's endlessly brilliant It's Great To Create book