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Easton Window Wanderlanders

First up, give yourself a big high five for being an Easton Window Wanderlander!

So, what now?


If, like most of us, you signed up a while ago and now don’t know what to do for your window, please don’t panic! Take a look at the display ideas and gallery to get some ideas. A favourite film, characters from a book, pick a theme, use objects… as long as it’s family friendly, anything goes. And remember, you’re very welcome at any of our workshops where we’ll be giving you help with your display and access to free materials.

OK, now that’s sorted, here are a few other things…

  • Tell your neighbours! It’s not too late for them to take part and add themselves to the map. We are particularly trying to let older people know about the workshops we have on offer, as we have some just for them.
  • Sunset is around 17:00 this weekend so please light up your windows soon after that, ready for people hitting the trail between 17:30 – 21:00.
  • Please take photos of your windows so we can create an Easton gallery after the event. There are some tips on taking good photos below.
  • If you’re sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (and please do!) remember to tag #windowwanderland and #eastonwindowwanderland so everyone else can find your photos.
  • Hit the trail! Do take a look at everyone else’s windows if you can. We’ve already heard about some fantastic ideas and are so looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

  • Your camera is fine!
  • There may be more light at dusk but some windows will really only come into their own once it’s dark. Try both and see what looks best.
  • Avoid using flash as it will reflect off the windows.
  • Get the whole window in your shot for the best effect (this may involve taking it from the road so please be careful!)
  • Take your photo square on i.e. keep your camera level by moving the whole thing up and down rather than tilting the camera as it will skew your hard work!
  • We’d love to see some behind the scenes shots of you creating and putting up your windows.
  • If you can, get some photos of people admiring your window as well!
  • Once you’ve chosen your best photos please email them to so they can be uploaded to the gallery.


Thank you again for taking part and helping us light up Easton. We really hope you enjoy the event!

💥 BAM 💥

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